Want to get to know local people?
Want to help?
Please come and help us learn English!



Villagers learning English from visitors.

How can you help us improve our English?

Teach a class. Classes can be in in front of Mandarin homestay, the local school, the village office, or Rumah Belajar. The volunteer coordinators can set up English classes for you. Groups might include:

  • Younger children (preschool to third grade).
  • Older children (fourth to sixth grades).
  • High schoolers. (usually away at school, but here during holidays).
  • Adult learners.

Do a project. If you have a specific skill or knowledge you would like to share (drawing, gardening, cooking, underwater life, waste management), we would love to learn! Teach us in English or mix English and Indonesian.

  • You can use Rumah Belajar (Sawinggrai Learning Center)’s space above the sea that can hold up to 15 people.
  • Some equipment available includes: a projector, a laptop, stationary, a big whiteboard, small whiteboards, and books in English and Indonesian.


Other simple ways to help us learn English:

Just talk to us. If we can get over our shyness, we can learn English.

  • Every friendly encounter makes us braver.
  • Every new friendship encourages us to meet new people.
  • Every conversation improves our English.

Join the fun. Play with the children and teach them English at the same time.

  • Children swim in the afternoon from the jetty. Join them and teach them some movements in English.
  • Volleyball around 4 every afternoon in Kapisawar.
  • Football around 4 every afternoon in Sawinggrai.

Take a walk. Our volunteer coordinators can find learners to walk with you.

  • Wander around the village. Walk out on the jetties. Feed the fish.
  • Stroll on the beach. Talk about what you see.
  • Walk to Kapisawar.
  • Hike up the hill, See the old village and scenic views. Enjoy the orchid garden.

Even if you are here for just a short time, students benefit from hearing English spoken by different voice.

If English is not your native tongue, they need to learn to understand you, too. Most visitors here are not native English speakers.


Contact us:


Soma soma.made@gmail.com

Kristian mandarinhomestay@gmail.com



Kristian +62 813 541 530 73